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Kevin K. Rowe
Austin, TX

My name is Kevin K. Rowe, bassist for the Austin based funk project,

Jean-Claude Van Jamme.

Since I started playing bass guitar, I've always had an interest in the exploration of tone. For years, I've had mental schematics of the ideal tools for my craft - from the inner workings to the cosmetics. "What all would I do to define my sound?"

For all the passion I had, I lacked the tools and ability to confidently break down and rebuild a bass as I saw fit.

I reached out to Jason Spradley to collaborate on a bass that I had acquired. It was in non-working order. Instead of a patch up, I saw an opportunity to fully refurbish the bass to my unique liking.

Not only was Jason a good go-to builder, I also had the opportunity to learn more about the finer points of the inner workings of my instrument and its electronics. I had gained more than I would have bargained for in working with Jason.

I received a carefully crafted work of art and I gained the education on how to go further on my tone exploration. Jason is the perfect go-to tech. He'll restore your instrument and shows you the process along the way.

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect technical collaborator.

Thanks again... Kevin


Trapper W. Brown

Round Rock, TX

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I recommend Jason's Guitars Custom Shop & Lesson Studio.  I have been playing guitar for 14 years and was formally trained in Recording Arts & Sciences at Media Tech Institute in Austin, Texas.  At the present time I work as an active-duty employee for the Texas Air National Guard but continue to play music passionately.

In the small amount of time that I've known Jason, he has exceeded any and all expectations.  Every visit, I'm greeted with a smile and it's obvious that he truly cares about the contents of our consultations.  Initially, I called him before business hours and was pleasantly surprised of how quickly I received a call back.  Since then, I have entrusted Jason with the care and maintenance of my guitars. 

One of the best things about working with Jason is that he will never try to up-sell or pressure you into any of his services or products.  Jason's prices are extremely reasonable; I will continue to utilize his experience and knowledge for years to come.  

Jason is a valuable asset to my work and I'm more than pleased to give him a wholehearted endorsement.  I urge anyone reading this to consider the services that he offers; you will not be disappointed.


Trapper W. Brown

John Garza
Houston, TX

I met Jason back in 2008. I had just picked up the electric guitar and had no idea where to begin. My early trips to Austin guitar shops were very discouraging. All I found were big box stores and snooty vintage enthusiasts with zero patience for a beginner. What’s more, they all wanted to squeeze me for every last dime I had. That night, I looked online and found Jason’s Guitars. “Fun, Friendly, and Knowledgeable,” read one of the reviews. I called Jason the next day, and the rest is history.

Jason’s lessons made me the accomplished player I am today. His vast knowledge of the instrument and music made him the ideal teacher to take me from basic chording to face-melting solos. What’s more, he’s a natural teacher. He knows when to encourage and push you harder. He also knows when it’s time to relax and have fun. This not only maximizes the learning element of each lesson, but also keeps each session fun and enjoyable. All of this learning has been made easier because I get my instruments tuned and maintained in his custom shop.

Jason is the only person I take my guitars to, and he’s the only person who gets them looking and playing just how I want. His prices are fair, and all work is done with an eye toward total customer satisfaction. I also have the great privilege of owning a guitar, hand-built by Jason. We started from sketches, and he walked me through the process, step-by-step, until we had reached our ultimate goal. It is far and away the most beautiful and best sounding guitar in my collection.

I’ve enjoyed my lessons and guitars for 5 years now, but the best part about Jason’s Guitars is the man himself. Jason is a wonderful human being with huge heart. He is kind, generous, and friendly. I am blessed to call him my teacher and my friend.

Do not hesitate to call Jason’s Guitars for all your lesson and custom shop needs. You will be totally satisfied. I guarantee it.

Thank you, Jason.
John Garza

Carrie Lynn Grayson
Singer / Songwriter
Round Rock, TX

I fell in love all over again, and I cannot thank you enough!!!

As a working musician, my guitar is my most valuable tool; recently I had some new strings put on and ‘Love’, my Breedlove A/E, was not the same. Thankfully I happened to be recording my demo CD at Sound Shed Studios in Cedar Park, TX, because Matt Alvarez (my engineer/producer/friend) told me to take her to see you.

When we came for the appointment, you looked at Love while you talked to me about how I play, and then you explained EXACTLY what needed to be done and WHY. Not only was it the exact opposite of all the other advice I had been given, it actually made perfect sense.

I left her in your capable hands with zero concern, and waited for you to work your magic.  Several days later, you called me and said she was ready to go, but you wanted me to make sure I came with time to spare so we could make sure all was as it needed to be (something I think is very awesome, since I have never had any other work done anywhere where they actually wanted to do that…it’s usually pay and go).

We talked and you watched me play, and then gave me in impromptu mini lesson!   I came home and was able to play for several hours without any of the wrist fatigue I had been experiencing!

The work you did, the new strings chosen especially for my open tuning, the tips you gave me, and the genuine care and concern for me and my guitar are all  what I would consider to be ‘above and beyond’ my expectations, which were already very high based on Matt’s opinion of you.

I am going back into the studio to work on my full length CD, and I am more excited than ever! I can’t wait for Matt to hear the difference in the way Love sounds!!  I am also very excited at the prospect of beginning my lessons with you, that I may become the player my guitar deserves!

Thank you so much!!!

Carrie Lynn Grayson

Dan Ritchie

Round Rock, TX

When I was a little kid, on Christmas Eve my dad would play Christmas songs on his old acoustic guitar.

When I married and was starting a family, I thought to myself, “It would be cool to learn guitar and do the same.”  So, my dad gave me his old acoustic and I started to teach myself.

Once I started getting better I wanted to move on to the electric guitar. I looked around online and found a good deal on a sunburst Fender Stratocaster. I started playing it and learning some new things, but something didn't feel right.  My guitar just wasn’t comfortable.

Again, I looked online to find someone or some place that could fine-tune my new Strat. I stumbled across Jason's Guitars. That afternoon I drove to Jason's and dropped off my guitar. By that evening it had been set-up perfect and was shining like new.

While picking up my guitar, I mentioned to Jason that I was interested in lessons. We set up a day & time and, well… That was almost five years ago and still going strong, every Friday at Jason’s studio.

One thing about Jason is that he has a lot of patience. There are times that I struggle, but he stays positive and always keeps me motivated. If it weren’t for him, I would have probably put the guitar down, a long time ago.

Now I have 3 guitars! Jason guided me to the right instruments and later I had them customized to suit my needs, right there at his shop.

I am a math teacher and I think Jason and I have a lot in common. We don’t do our jobs for the money; we do it because we love to help people and see them succeed.

Big thanks to Jason’s Guitars!

Dan Ritchie
-- Guitarist
Math Teacher & Reservist, Army National Guard

Wayne Decker
Bassist -- Tara Craig Band
Austin, TX

Since 2007, Jason has regularly maintained my basses, as well as my band-mate’s guitars.  This work ranges from routine setups to major surgery such as upgrading pickups and electronics.

Jason has all the skill and knowledge needed to set up your instrument so it feels like it was made especially for you.  He can remove an old guitar's accumulation of grime and make it seem factory-fresh and he's a born teacher,  so he'll educate you about what he does,  giving almost a tutorial in guitar and bass construction.

Jason is the most cordial,  professional,  service-oriented technician I've had the pleasure of doing business with.  He's a craftsman who is clearly dedicated to playing a role in the ongoing saga of electric guitar and bass history.

Why take your guitar anywhere else?  You'll just pay more and wait longer.

Jason's Guitars is my exclusive provider of the maintenance I need to keep my instruments in excellent working order,  ensuring that I can continue to make the best music possible.

Wayne Decker -- Bassist,  Tara Craig Band


Cody Gonzalez

Guitarist - The Rockoholics
Corpus Christi, TX

I started lessons with Jason in 1999.  I was one of his first students in Corpus Christi, with only one thing on my mind... to Rock!  I remember my first song, On Top of Old Smokey.

(Ha, ha) I know, but you’ve got to start somewhere.  I played it so often, even my parents couldn’t stand that song.

Jason helped me learn not only how to play, but over time, how to feel the note.  Jason would say,  “You put all of your heart and soul into that one note when you bend it.”   Look back to SRV and you'll know what I mean.

Jason would bring his stopwatch to the lesson.

Man, I hated doing scales.  Timed drills, two minutes forward and backwards and if I messed up with just one second left, he'd just glare at me and I'd start over.  Little things like that made me a better player.  Jason would always say, “I’ll make you good, practice will make you great.”  He has the skills to guide you, but you have to want it.

After years of lessons and graduating High School, my parents surprised me with a custom guitar from Jason’s Guitars.  WOW, what an amazing guitar. Jason had built me a beast!

Quilt maple on alder with a sea-blue dye and clear-coat finish, 57’ Strat neck with a nitro finish, chrome Schaller locking tuners, strap locks and 3D roller bridge, Seymour Duncan humbucker, Fender Texas Specials at middle and neck, chrome pickup rings and knobs, Switchcraft 5 way selector, output jack and CTS pots.

To this day it still plays like new.

I took advantage of his gift for music and teaching.  Here I am, fifteen years later, and I still call him for advice.

He tells me, “Every time you pick up your axe you will learn something new. You will always be learning.”

Go to the best, go to Jason’s Guitars.

Jason, I can never thank you enough.  You’re my mentor and one of my best friends.

You’re my Brother-From-Another-Mother.

Cody Gonzalez -- The Rockoholics,  361-658-5235