JASON'S GUITARS     Custom Shop & Lesson Studio

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Custom Shop
We offer great Custom Shop services and support.  If you need a set-up,
electronic repair or hardware upgrade for your guitar or bass, look no further. 

Guitar Set-ups

A guitar or bass should always be set-up properly before being displayed or sold.  Big box stores rarely offer these services.

That's where I come in...
I'm a Certified Technician and have over 25 years of experience setting up electric and acoustic instruments.

A proper set-up will have your instrument playing faster and sounding better.


For information about our Custom Shop,  call Jason's Guitars today!

Mon - Fri  10am - 7pm  CST



Replacement Parts & Accessories

We have a full line of Name-Brand accessories available for your instruments.  Pickups, bridges, electronics, necks, tuners, etc...
The list is far too long to mention!
Let's build your dream guitar from
"ground to sound."